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A Trusted and experienced law firm based in Christchurch.

Purnell Creighton is one of New Zealand's longest established law firms.
We have been serving the community since 1919.

With over 90 years of business experience, we have the knowledge to meet all your legal needs.
Our legal staff have a high success rate, a high level of academic qualifications, and are passionate about law.

Our cost effective methods provide our clients with service and results in a timely fashion.
We are dedicated to a high standard of professionalism, and pride ourselves on delivering an excellent result.
Whether you require conveyancing, legal representation, or any other form of legal advise and assistance,
Purnell Creighton is well equipped to deal with your matters.

We guarantee the utmost in confidential, professional treatment of our clients,
and believe in building long term relationships that will last for years to come.

We can be contacted here, or peruse our staff profiles for more specific information.

Purnell Creighton - Barristers & Solicitors

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